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August 10, 2015
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My Greystones: Kim Shanley

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Given that the Greystones Guide is a website for all the people of this great little town, it would be wrong of us, naturally enough, to single out any one individual from the 17,000 or so handsome, debonair, sophisticated, highly-intelligent and ridiculously sexy people who make Greystones so special.

Nonetheless, I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that Kim Shanley is undoubtedly better than at least 16,995 of you. At least.

Having managed to attain a Zen-like calm at a very early age – despite, or perhaps because of, having grown up in a household that made Fraggle Rock look like Downton Abbey – Kim Shanley has a smile that is as soothing as a purring cat, the smell of cut grass and a tub of melting ice-cream, all rolled into one. Was it any wonder that the woman became perhaps Greystones’ greatest ever barmaid? Somehow, Kim presents the perfect mix of motherly and mischievous, making you realise pretty much instantly that you can absolutely have the craic, just as long as you cut the crap.

It was perhaps inevitable too that one of the sweetest girls in the town should meet one of the sweetest guys in the town, and that the two of them together would produce a baby boy whose cuteness could turn a kitten green with envy. On a scale of one to ten, this kid’s an Elvis. Who woulda thunk it – when you put two beautiful people together, they make beautiful babies.

So, here’s to you, young Shanley. You make Greystones a better place to live, just by being you. Next time we catch you down the town, we’ll grab you that ice-cream for the park…

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