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July 28, 2018
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July 30, 2018
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Welcome To The Jungle Book

There were creatures great and small down at The Cove on Saturday night for the latest of The Whale‘s groovy outdoor screenings.

The conditions, as always, were perfect – does Ross McParland know The Minister For Sunsets? – that miserable wet morning having miraculously morphed into one of the summer’s sunniest evenings.

It meant that men, women and children – and the occasional short-arse dog – were happy to set up their little picnic spread as early as 8pm, just under two hours before that peskey sun finally set and Outdoor Movies‘ swanky new projector kicked into action.

After outdoor screenings of everything from Grease to Jaws, from Some Like It Hot to The Shining, tonight’s offering was a family affair, as Disney’s 1967 classic, The Jungle Book, was beamed onto The Cove wall in all its technicolor glory.

There were birthday parties popping up – Lulu turned nine! Avril turned 75! – millionaire media tycoon Laura Wood watching from her yacht, and those crazy FourFront Games kids shape-shifting through the crowd, whilst the free ’99s being handed out by Lorraine’s ice cream van put a great big, snow-white smile on everyone’s faces.

Another truly magical night – that almost-full moon beamed out late, like a torchlight from above – and it was all largely down to one man. Just think, a classic movie, on the beach, with spot prizes, and free treats – and all for a fiver. Boom!

Next up will be possibly the funniest spoof of all time, Airplane!, screening on Saturday, August 11th down at The Cove. And should you see Ross McParland walking towards you down the street, salute that man!

You can check out – and download for free – 200 hi-res shots from the night here.

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