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A Little Shelf Respect

A message from Anne Daly and Paddy Holohan at SuperValu, Church Road, issued on Monday, March 16th 2020…

Customers, we just want to reassure everyone that we will continue to serve you with no change to our normal opening hours.

We have however decided that 7am to 9am daily should be prioritised for our elderly customers and we would ask all other age groups to avoid this time period if at all possible!

Our fantastic team of staff will continue to work early to late to help ensure the store is presented to you each day in the best possible condition.

There are no major stock shortages at this time and our supply lines are running extremely well under the current circumstances. Quotas remain in place across the store, including alcohol. This is to ensure everyone gets what they need so please trust us as we will continue to look after you.

We will prioritise the elderly at the checkouts at all times of the day and they will be served first, so please be patient if we bring an older person to the front of the queue ahead of you. Our staff will also be very happy to help and assist the elderly in any way they can. Please spread the word to older neighbours, friends and family.

We would also ask you to please keep a distance of 2 meters from all other customers and our staff. Please do not be offended if our staff step back from you if you happen to get too close. We would encourage you to pay by card or better still by contact-less payment if at all possible. Obviously this does not apply to our self service checkouts.

Please keep chats to a minimum while in the store and keep moving through the store towards the checkouts where your shopping will be processed as quickly as possible.

Finally, we make you a sincere promise that you can trust us to continue to look after you. We have an amazing team of staff in store for which we are very grateful and we have an amazing supply line with our partners in SuperValu Ireland and all our other suppliers. They are helping us to help you and we very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your continued support and most especially for all your patience and co-operation.

Anne & Paddy

Lidl have since announced that they’ve chosen 9am to 11am for the elderly. Find out how Greystones is responding to the Covid-19 outbreak here.


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  1. Gareth says:

    My Mother is in her mid 80”s, lives in Redford and can no longer drive. For the past 2 years she has ordered her shopping every Tuesday online with Tesco for Thursday delivery. It has been perfect and a really good service; A service which she relies on. Today she went online and she was told that the next delivery date was on the 28th Match. 11 days time!
    While it is great that some of the stores are offering “elderly only” times, can they also not provide home delivery services specifically for the elderly. And also to everyone out there. If you can easily get to a shop, don’t book a home delivery. There are people who need and rely on these.

  2. Derek Peyton says:

    Well done Anne & Paddy. Always enjoy shopping with you and as a 79 year old( this month) your staff were always very kind and helpful towards us old timers so God Bless you all there in the shop, and I know you’re under huge pressure in this crisis but your own health is important too, so don’t overdo it and please take care.