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September 10, 2016
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February 21, 2017

It was Popeye heaven down at the harbour today, as The Caroline Foundation’s latest Guinness World Record attempt saw more nautical hats flapping in the threatening wind than you could shake a nautical cat at.

Having already gotten Greystones into the good book with 2014’s Dirty Big Ribbon challenge and last year’s Teddy Bear Chain, The Caroline Foundation did it again today, with 1,411 seaside hats blowing the previous record-holders out of the water.

Fittingly enough.

Alongside the great community spirit there was an abundance of artistic talent on display, with hats of all shapes and sizes making a major splash with the assembled throng.

In the end, it was hat #1223 that won it, the lovely Christine Maxwell’s felt ship creation making it through the high seas to nab the day’s Best Nautical Hat prize.

Well done to everyone involved, even those with the really crappy hats.  Oh, and a special congratulations to the hundreds of children today who showed such imagination and skill with their creations. They brightened up a day that always threatened rain but, miraculously, stayed sunny-ish & dry…

caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-135-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-133-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-130-1024x573 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-124-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-116-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-114-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-108-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-101-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-100-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-99-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-95-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-94-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-88-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-83-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-81-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-80-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-75-1024x731 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-60-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-58-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-45-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-40-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-37-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-32-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-29-1024x678 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-22-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-16-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-14-678x1024-2 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-8-678x1024 caroline-foundation-hats-ahoy-11sept16-678x1024

We just have the attractive people here. You can see the full Hats Ahoy gallery right here. Just, you know, brace yourself.

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  1. LifeKathleen Kelleher says:

    Well done to all @The Caroline Foundation.
    I know first hand the benefit of the Foundation’s work.
    Such a good cause in memory of a such a wonderful young woman.
    Thanks for the pix, Paul, you really captured this fabulous event.
    We almost had to tie ourselves to the harbour walls not to be blown away !!

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