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February 21, 2020
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B*jiggers! Sinead’s Off De TV!

Everybody’s so talented, and beautiful, and viciously ambitious in this town, sure, it’s nigh on impossible for poor ol’ GG to keep up.

A good case in point being Sinead O’Carroll strutting her considerable stuff on Dancing With The Stars.

Being spinning and winning for weeks, doing Greystones proud, but now, the hot stepper has had to step down from the hit TV show.

Yep, sadly, the former B*witched star and Greystones mum of two was voted out Sunday night – by unfeeling, untalented judges Darren Bennett, Brian Redmond and Lorraine Barry.

The feckin’ fecks.

But, hey, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part, and all that malarkey. “The kids were devastated when I got home last night,” Sinead told Ryan Turbidy on de radio this morning. “They’re 11 and 8, so, it hit them hard – they were in floods of tears.”

Damn you, Bennett! Redmond! BARRY!!

Still, congrats to the bould Sinead for strutting her stuff – alongside partner Ryan McShane – so damn well. You’ll always be a winner in our eyes…

Now, go check out Sinead’s My Greystones right about here.