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May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021

ometimes, an idea is just so darn right, you have to wonder how come no one ever thought of it before.

Having one of those funky glamping sites slap-bang in the middle of Greystones is one such idea.

It was James Connolly of Tinakilly House who suggested to our own John Byrne that the fine stretch of green out the back of The Beach House would make a perfect site for a little glamping love-in.

James knows of what he talks about, of course, his own Knockrobin Glamping down on the grounds of Tinakilly House proving the perfect getaway for many, not only from afar but pretty darn close too. “We get a lot of Greystones people staying here,” he says. “They just want something a little different, and a little special, that gives them a chance to escape the everyday. And glamping takes you outside whilst giving you all the comforts of inside…”

Such as a king-size bed, Egyptian cotton sheets, your own private bathroom nearby (with a shower and a tub), heaters and even electric blankets (well, this is Ireland)…

“When James explained how luxurious these places can be,” says John, “I just thought, that would be so perfect for Greystones. People are always looking for somewhere to stay, and this way, you’ve got a home away from home right in the middle of the town…”

With the planning application filed, the hope would be to have five glamping tents in Greystones ready for next year’s April to October run. And for those who want a taste of what it will be like, you can check out Knockrobin Glamping right about here.

In the meantime, we caught up with James down at Tinakilly House this afternoon, to find out what all the fun is about…