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Fly Like A Seagull

As we plot a video diary of a flight over Greystones, we thought it might be wise to pull all those aerial shots of the town taken over the decades into one easy, digestible post.

Just to prove that, even for the birds way up in the sky, aren’t we only feckin’ gorgeous.

We have more in the archives, which we’ll be adding over the coming weeks/months/years. We’re doing a major clean-up of the thousands of shots added over the last four years…

Interesting to see that the streets haven’t changed all that much, with just the harbour putting on a little muscle without actually losing its overall shape.

We were hoping to have video of a town flyover with those Newcastle Airfield guys, but the miserable fecks aren’t returning out emails or calls. We do have some wonderful 1950s shots from the Irish Air Corps though, the mighty David Hoctor’s work here, and an interactive aerial tour here, plus a wonderful April 2016 aerial trek of The Cliff Walk.

So, strap yourself in, and let’s go up, up and away, in our beautiful GG balloon…

Greystones Harbour early 1980s. Pic: John O’Rourke

The transformation begins…

Harbour Marina Aerial 2017. Source: Unknown

Harbour Aerial Sunset. Pic: David Hoctor

Harbour From Above. Pic: David Hoctor

Lipstick Sky. Pic: David Hoctor

Later that evening… Pic: David Hoctor

Greystones Sunset From Above Pic David Hoctor

Marina Sunset. Pic: David Hoctor

Rape Fields. Pic: David Hoctor

Sunny Greystones From Above. Source: eOceanic

Greystones Harbour Feb 2019. Pic: Hoctor. We reckon.

Greystones Aerial Shot. Pic: Christian Byrne

Greystones Aerial. Pic: Christian Byrne

Greystones From Above. Pic: Susan Brambell

Harbour Marina SEPT15 Skycam Ireland

Greystones From Above Colin O’Mahony NOV18

Beautiful day THURS19APR18 Ruth Spurling

Milan flight over Greystones 21OCT18 Giovanni Paccaloni

Greystones Harbour 1959. Source: Derek Paine

Greystones Harbour Aerial. Source: Derek Paine

Greystones Harbour: The Work Begins. Pic: Jim Quinn

Harbour 1970. Source: Derek Pain

Harbour Aerial. Source: Derek Paine

Greystones Harbour from on high 2018

Harbour From The Air. Pic: John McGowan

Harbour Silt From Above. Souce: Derek Paine

Harbour Aug 2014

Ladies Cove Summer 2019. Pic: irelandfromtheskies

The Cove From A Bove Pic David Hoctor

Harbour Square April 2016 Moritz Tolxdorff

Greystones Harbour Long Lost/Oscar Hackett FEB17

Harbour Night time Pic Kevin Maher

Greystones At Night. Pic: David Hoctor

North Beach. Pic: Oscar Hackett/Long Lost JULY18

The Williams from Delgany catch a glimpse

Cliff Walk April 2016 Moritz Tolxdorff 

Harbour Sunrise Feb 2016 Design Aid

Greystones Aerial. Design Aid 2

Greystones Aerial. Design Aid 1

Greystones Aerial. Design Aid 5

Greystones Aerial. Design Aid 4

Greystones Aerial. Design Aid 3

Carraig Eden April 2017 2

Carraig Eden April 2017 3

The Cove & beyond April 2017

The Cove & beyond April 2017 2

Take Me To The Water April 2017

Top O’ The World. Pic: Oscar Hackett/Long Lost FEB17


North Beach 2012. Source: Unknown

Greystones From Above 2000s Source Pam Doyle Donegan

Greystones 2013. Pic Michael Hughes

Harbour From The Hill

Summer 2019. Pic: irelandfromtheskies

Town Aerial Shot 1987. Source: Derek Paine

Trafalgar Road 1987. Source: Derek Paine

Greystones Aerial Shot. Source: Derek Paine

Garda Station. Source: Unknown

Carraig Eden Marine Terrace Postcard. Source: Unknown

Hills Garage. Source: Derek Paine

La Touche Hotel 1926. Source: Derek Paine

Grand Hotel from above 1950s Pic Irish Air Corps

La Touche Sunset July 2018 David Hoctor

Old fish factory (now Meridian Point). Source: Derek Paine

Toy Town. Pic swingking85 [flickr]

Back when the Rugby Club had no neighbours…

I Can See Your Crappy Little House From Here. Pic David Hoctor

Greystones Aerial SAT19JAN19 Darren Cox Clockwork Voodoo

I can see your 4,728 houses from here. 11MAY19 Ciaran Hayden

Alles Uber Greystones by Christian Byrne WEDS6MAY20

Here comes the night… Oscar Hackett/Long Lost

Go on, ya feckin’ beauty…

Now, go take a spin around our streets here.