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May 5, 2021
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May 4, 2021

e’ll be the first to admit, we’ve gone a little crazy on the old colourisation of 100-year-old pics around here of late.

Firstly, the bould Colin Doyle did a gallery, followed not long after by the even boulder Gary O’Brien.

It wasn’t long before we looked into the process ourselves, and thankfully, despite our complete lack of skill on this new frontier, the results have been more hit than miss.

Which brings us to the simple fact that Greystones was one lucky town to have the great Robert French move to Church Road at a time when he was pretty much the country’s number one photographer.

Travelling far and wide, French’s stunning black and white shots of the country in those early days of photography are now firmly ensconced in the National Library of Ireland.

And on the Guide.

We delved into the man’s background and history a little back in October 2015, so, we’ll just get straight to revisiting French’s wonderful shots.

In some cases, the colours in the cheek look truly wonderful, and at others, a tad on the Frankenstein side, but there’s definitely some magic here…

Harbour Jetty

Alone At The Harbour

View From Cherry’s Brow

South Beach 1

Lone Boatman

Harbour Bathing Boxes

The Ladies’ Cove

Harbour Front

Harbour Boatmen

Church Road

Church Road at the Turnpike

Grand Hotel

John Sweeney Sits On His Ass

Harbour Ship

The Beach House

South Beach 3

South Beach Boxes & Railway

High Noon

Higher Noon

Harbour Boats 3

Sitting On The Dock

Killincarrig 1880-1900

Delgany’s Main Drag

The Horse & Hound: The Early Years

Delgany from Willow Grove

Delgany General View 2

Christ Church Bray

Burnaby Estate

Windgates View

Glen Of The Downs

Carmelite Monastery

Christ Church Delgany

Bray Promenade with Martello

Martello Terrace

Bray Seafront

Bray Head Boats

Railway Station Bray

Glen Of The Downs & Sugar Loaf

St Patrick’s Church with kiln

Blacklion Church

Garda Station View

Golfing At Greystones

Trafalgar Road

Greystones Golf Clubhouse

Harbour Boats

Naylor’s Cove

Grand Hotel

Harbour Boats 2

You can check out the Robert French originals here, and more In Living Colour revisits here.