Houses In Motion
August 30, 2019
Oh, Yes! It’s Milla Night!
August 29, 2019

Early on Saturday evening, we posted this shot from the Guide library on our social media, putting the wolfman howl out to Greystones’ photographers to watch those skies.

Having already reared its beautiful head on Friday the 13th – a rare, spooky occurrence (the next one will be August 13th, 2049) – there was a full moon again on Saturday.

And it certainly inspired our regular contributors Brian Keeley and Phil McDarby to do a little nocturnal snapping, with Anne Keating catching our friend hiding behind the Beach Bear, and Louis Duffy-Barrett also capturing that bewitching moon on full beam.

Got to give a shout-out to Stephen Salvati too, who captured a stunning harvest moon on the Friday.

Given that the little fella was 14% smaller than its February supermoon appearance, some have called this weekend’s night light a micro moon. The reason for the apparent shrink is a result of the moon being nearly at apogee, the point in its orbit that’s the greatest distance from earth, 252,100 miles away.

So, put that in your coffee, and slurp it.

We’ll hopefully have others to add later in the day, but, for now, feast your lazy, hazy eyes on a little magic in the night garden…

Full Moon 14SEPT19 Phil McDarby

Full Moon Louis Duffy-Barrett 14SEPT19 1

Full Moon Louis Duffy-Barrett 14SEPT19 2

Full Moon 14SEPT19 Brian Keeley 1

Full Moon 14SEPT19 Brian Keeley 2

Full Moon 13SEPT19 Brian Keeley

Full Moon 13SEPT19 Stephen Salvati

Now, go check out the moon’s polar opposite right about here.