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November 3, 2020
Just Give Me The Light
October 30, 2020

It probably has something to do with the fact that they both spend a huge amount of time floating under the sea…

During out interview down at the harbour this afternoon, one minute, Ann was perfectly in frame alongside Albert, the next, she was gone.

And then, it was Albert’s turn to drift off into another time and space.

That’s what being a scuba diver will do to you. Everything is calm, everything is liquid, and down on the seabed, there’s no hustle, and very little in the line of bustle.

What exactly is down there off our shores has long been a major passion of these fighting fit seventysomethings though, the founders joining the other 20 members of the Wicklow Aquanauts Scuba Diving Club in exploring our seas for the last 36 years.

And now, with the rest of their ever-growing membership, Ann McAvoy and Albert Kerr have been busy over the past four years putting together a map of Greystones’ underwater world. And they’ve got the shiny new leaflet, Under The Sea At Greystones, to prove it.

With the aim of educating people as to what exactly lies beneath when it comes to our seashore, the aqua-diving duo know full well that the survival of this incredible water underworld is crucial to our future survival up on dry land.

When the lockdown restrictions lift, they’ll be distributing their Under The Sea At Greystones leaflets to the schools and beyond. Funded by a Wicklow County Council biodiversity grant, you can email if you’d like to be included.

In the meantime, we caught up with Ann and Albert down at Greystones harbour this afternoon to find out more about saving the world from the bottom of the ocean up…

You can download your own Under The Sea At Greystones leaflet here, or get in touch with the Wicklow Aquanauts Scuba Diving Club on to organise a printed copy. Now, go check out our October 2019 interview with Albert here.