Need An Escape From Lockdown Limbo?
October 22, 2020
Bringing Some Extra Yum To Joe’s
October 24, 2020

As Greystones and its neighbours hunker down for another lockdown, it’s important to remember that for many of those in business, these are difficult times.

Behind those shutters, livelihoods are at risk.

And these people are our neighbours, let’s not forget.

It means that buying local has never been so important – even if it has become that little bit more difficult.

We’ve been compiling lists of all the goodies on offer around here – you’ll find a full-ish list of our shops here, a weekly round-up of special offers here, local jobs here, and our takeaways here – and as we expand that to local artists and crafters, and sole traders, in the meantime, we’ve started a Facebook group page for all and sundry to let people know who they are, and what they have to offer.

Open to anyone and everyone, from crafts people to plastic surgeons, from Newcastle and Newtown to Bray and Willow Grove, the plan is to make it that much easier for everyone to connect. And share. And support.

We have options on the Guide too, of course, to help support local businesses, starting at just €30 a year for your own customised GG page, with all your info, links, contact details, blurb and images. Or there’s our Christmas In Greystones campaign too, of course. Reaching far out beyond your social media bubble, to over 250,000 hits a month.

The main thing is, make the effort, people. Check around your town first when you need something. And if your town doesn’t have it, sure, then you can head off to Dundrum. Or add another few shekels to Bezos’ money mountain.

Either way, here’s to a beautiful Greystones Christmas, where we all come together and prove that community wins over commerce every time…