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April 13, 2016
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theatre lane defib 4 (530x800)
There was a time when they were about as common as UFOs around Greystones, and it’s very heartening – literally – to see so many defibrillators in the town today.

And that’s largely down to the great work of The Greystones First Responders, as well as the many people who have helped fundraise for these life-savers, and, most importantly, those clubs and special individuals who have paid for one outright.

We got in touch with First Responder veteran Margaret Duggan to put together a complete list of locations around Greystones where you will find a defibrillator. If you know of any we’ve missed, let us know on

If you need the Greystones First Responders, simply dial 112 or 999. You can find out more about these wonderful local heroes right here.

Outside The Burnaby, by the taxi rank

Outside Dann’s Pub

On steps at The Whale, Theatre Lane

Outside Donnybrook Fair [Code 2005/Pull down door]

Outside SuperValu, Charlesland

Outside Greystones Sailing Club

In the Sports Hall, St Kilian’s Family Centre

St Patrick’s Worship & Recreation Centre (in the disabled toilets)

Holy Rosary Church, beside the altar.

Shoreline Leisure, Greystones, at reception

Charlesland Golf Club, at reception

Delgany Golf Club, by the bar

Management Office, Meridian Centre Car Park, by the barriers.

Carraig Clinic, Greystones

Greystones Community First Responders Sept 2015 Pic Derek O'ReillyGreystones Medical Centre (beside South Beach car park)

Shoreline Skate Park, Charlesland

Temple Carrig School, Blacklion

Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Tesco Shopping Centre

Outside Farrelly’s Butchers, Delgany

Outside The Old Schoolhouse, Delgany

Outside Daybreak, Eden Gate

Outside The Carraig Inn, Killincarrig

Outside Greystones Fire Station, Victoria Road

Outside Circle K garage, Blacklion

The First Responders will be on the scene asap. You can also email them on to learn about upcoming CPR classes.

You can find other emergency services numbers, emails and websites here.


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  1. Gareth says:

    Excellent to see these cropping up in more locations? Who funds these? They’re €1300 each in the shops for that brand..

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