Greystones Doctor Returns From Perth To Help

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March 23, 2020
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March 24, 2020
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Greystones Doctor Returns From Perth To Help

It’s been a week of local heroes going above and beyond in the Covid-19 battle, and now, another Greystonian has thrown his hat into the ring.

Only this time, the throw is over 9,000 miles.

Hailing from Greystones, Dr Paddy Barry has been working as a senior house officer at Royal Perth Hospital in the land down under, but, when he heard of the HSE’s recruitment drive for extra medical staff as they try and contain this bastard coronavirus (and it is a bastard), Paddy knew he had to quit his job and head home to Ireland.

“It was on Wednesday we started thinking about maybe we should come back and help,” Dr Barry told the Irish Independent today, “and on Thursday, we started noticing all the borders are closing.”

For Paddy’s partner, Erika, the move made absolute sense too.

“When it started,” continues Barry, “it seemed like there were a few cases. We’re always talking every second or third day to our parents and friends back home, so, you’re not getting constant updates unless you’re actually following it on the news. It kind of started progressing very fast, like it always does, because it’s doubling every two or three days or so.

“So, the problem with that is, it gives you very little time to decide if we should come back or not.”

Girlfriend Erika lists her job as a beauty therapist with Elysian Brows & Beauty in Meridian Point, and she was soft-rockin’ out to Micheal Bublé in Dublin in December, so, we’re not entirely sure if the happy loving couple are currently heading home from Perth, or whether Paddy’s coming back solo to his beloved. We’ve left a message with both

Either way, he tells the Indo, “We just said, during a time like this when you had Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris appealing to people to come home, you just kind of have to answer the call and come back.”

It was just before the weekend that Paddy handed in his notice at Royal Perth Hospital.

“I went into work on Thursday at 4pm,” he explains, “and I basically asked would it be OK if I was to go home for a few months. Obviously, they can’t really hold the position, so, I had to formally resign…”

What a guy! And, hey, what a gal! If you see them out and about de town, give them a metaphorical pat on the back from us. And then tell them to get straight back indoors.

You can keep up with all the latest Covid-19 news for Greystones and beyond right here.

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