Greystones Doorstep Protester Gets Doorstepped

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Greystones Doorstep Protester Gets Doorstepped

Greystones man Eamon McGrath has been fighting the good fight for many a year now.

We first met this campaigner and protest singer [centre, above] when covering the local resistance to the water charges introduction back in 2014.

Since then, Eamon has been on the frontline of many a protest, turning up wherever he felt there was a good cause that needed an extra voice.

Which is why the man was part of the small, peaceful protest outside Simon Harris’ Greystones home on Sunday.

The small, peaceful protest that has sparked off an avalanche of condemnation, alongside a smaller but no less impassioned cry of support for Eamon and the Bring It To Their Door campaign

The Tanaiste reckoned the protest was “a new low in Irish politics“. Simon Harris said on Monday, “I think the use of the word protest somehow gives legitimacy to what was, plain and simple, an intimidation. An intimidation of my family, my neighbours and my community.

“A legitimate protest has a very important role to play in Irish society, but, what happened to me and my family yesterday – to my wife and my young baby – to my neighbours, was not protest, it was absolutely not protest.”

And now, one Dublin media outlet has decided to see how Eamon would feel about being doorstepped by them.

Taking a cab up to the Eamon McGrath’s Greystones estate, the man of the house wasn’t interested in coming out to meet the Dublin Live journalist, stating in a phonecall, “I have no further comment to make on the statement we have collectively released.

“I couldn’t meet you unless I’ve spoken to other people in the group. Out of common courtesy, I’m ringing you.”

Those behind the protest released a statement yesterday, blasting the ‘hypocrisy’ over its ‘peaceful’ protest compared with the State ‘failing to say or do anything to prevent physical attacks on the homes of Irish people‘.

They finished by stating, ‘The #bringittotheirdoors will continue and will be focused on all enemies of the Irish working class – where we want, when we want. The people are rising.’

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