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April 8, 2019
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June 14, 2018

In Greystones, we do, of course, eat like kings and queens, with just about every yummy treat known to man and beast available in our little town.

And, if you’re lucky, you may even find somewhere that serves a little after-dinner coffee too.

If you look really, really hard.

Well, as often happens with our increasingly popular Wicklow 4 patch, the national media have sat up and taken notice, the latest Greystones love-in arriving in the current edition of Image magazine.

Pointing to the Flynnstones as the vegan pied pipers largely responsible for our growing reputation as a foodie haven, everyone from The Beach House to The Bear Paw gets a great big pat on the back. And, in one or two cases, a kiss on the lips, given just how flattering the article is.

For brunch, they recommend The Happy Pear (‘the original creators of the pimped up porridge‘, apparently), The Three Qs (‘Look out for the corn fritters‘!) and Buoys Kitchen (‘Add a Bloody Mary into the mix and you’re flying‘).

For lunch, it’s The Bakers Table (‘a gorgeous little bakery‘), Eleven Deli (‘Owned by the lovely Barry and Shelley‘) and The Bear Paw Deli (For ‘wholesome, natural ingredients, this is the place’), whilst dinner is best served, they reckon, at The Hungry Monk (‘the place to go for family occasions and special celebrations since the late eighties‘) , Daata (‘bursting with character as much as its food is bursting with flavour‘), Chakra By Jaipur (‘Expect authentic and adventurous dishes with impeccable attention to detail’) and Las Tapas (in the evening, ‘the perfect place to crack open a bottle of red alongside some delicious prawns pil pil and croquettes‘).

We’re spoilt for sweet treats too, of course, as Image gets a sugar-rush over Mooch (‘Nothing pleases the taste buds on a warm summer’s evening quite like a little tub of froyo‘) and La Creperie (‘all the ‘oo la la’ authenticity of la belle France‘), whilst drinks are best served at The Beach House (‘Brilliant for watching big sports matches‘), Dann’s (‘The cosiest place to snuggle up‘), Mrs Robinson (‘A great place for a cocktail and boogie‘), The Hot Spot (‘Doubles as a speakeasy bar and live music club… always worth a look‘) and La Touche Wines (‘Rare to pass by and not spot a group of wine aficionados‘).

Not sure why The Burnaby didn’t get a mention. Or The Whale. Or our favourite people-watching spot, Café Gray. Or Joe Sweeney’s, Joker’s and Pineto’s, for that matter. Maybe they didn’t take an ad out…?

On the other hand, totally understand why The Bitter Lemon didn’t get a mention. Even Image magazine can’t quite fake the fawning that far… 

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