Greystones People Of The Year 2018

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May 8, 2018
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September 13, 2018
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Greystones People Of The Year 2018

It’s always important to let those people doing a good job in your community know that their fine, often selfless, work is very much appreciated.

And so it is that the local District Council hold their annual Greystones People Of The Year Awards, giving worthy souls a great big pat on the back.

Commendable, of course. Even if, looking at it from the losers’ podium, it sometimes appears to play out like a mildly incestuous log-rolling exercise.

The voting is done by Greystones Municipal District officials and elected members, along with the main sponsor, The Harris Times.

But, hey, the big winners for 2018 are:

Sports Award: John Duncan
Civics Award: Marie Burbridge
Special Award: Triple A Alliance
Cultural Award: Aideen Walton
Commercial Award: Damian Sherlock/La Touche Wines
Young Entrepreneur Award: Sam Ireland & Dylan Symes
Lifetime Achievement Award: Dermot Macauley

Congrats to all the deserving recipients of these groovy awards. And the not-so-deserving too, of course.