GSC No Longer Mildly Miffed With Tesco

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October 27, 2016
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October 27, 2016
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GSC No Longer Mildly Miffed With Tesco

If Kathleen Kelleher wasn’t such a lady, I’m sure the air would have turned blue down at Greystones Cancer Support HQ Thursday afternoon.

tesco-trolleysSwinging by to take a quick pic of their Craft Group sale of work, Kathleen quickly pulled us aside.

“We’ve been terribly let down by Tesco,” she rasped. “Terribly…”

Turns out that, back in April, GSC had booked this weekend at Tesco to sell their annual Super Draw tickets. The sellers were lined up. The tickets and timetable had been arranged.

And then Tesco said no.

greystones-cancer-support-craft-sale-27oct16-2-800x530“Someone new is looking after that side of things,” continued Kathleen, “and there’s been some kind of mix-up. They’ve double-booked, and we’re out!”

This is where, if Kathleen Kelleher wasn’t such a lady, the expletives would have flown. High. And hard.

Instead, she simply said, “It’s just not on. And it’s just not fair.”

All this on the final weekend before the November 3rd draw.

Thankfully, Tesco saw sense, and booted out another charity to make way for GSC. Ah, happy days.

The supermarket chain were smart to do so.

What Delia Barry can’t do with a flick-knife…

Find out more about the groovy Super Draw here. Tickets are available at Tesco over the weekend. Winners announced November 3rd.

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  1. LifeKathleen Kelleher says:

    Greystones Cancer Support is very glad to be back in Tesco.
    Last chance week end for tickets !! Draw is Thursday next.
    Tickets on sale @Tesco Bank Holiday Monday, 10 am to 6 pm.
    Frighten the life out of us by causing us to sell out !!
    Happy Halloween to all our supporters !!

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