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March 4, 2020
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March 4, 2020

Given that GG is quite possibly the finest specimen of a Greystonian that ever jogged God’s green earth, we’ve never had to consider giving our body a boost.

If it ain’t imperfect, why feck with it…?

Well, young Ben Doyle down at Platinum Pilates has us thinking that, hey, maybe some day, in the very distant future, this perfect body may actually start to age. And sag. And squeak

Which is where the fine art of physiotherapy comes in. With the number of gyms in Ireland’s urban areas leaping from 311 to 831 in the past decade, it’s clear that keeping ourselves fit and healthy has become a major part of many people’s everyday lives in this country.

Which is why we swung by to have a chat with Ben – the head physio at Platinum Pilates – this afternoon to find out more. Turns out, Platinum Physiotherapy, Ben’s baby, is a “next-generation physiotherapy practice combining specialist assessment and hands-on treatment techniques with movement-based therapy”. Sure, we could have guessed that.

Tackling not only injuries, dysfunctions and conditions, the goal at Platinum is that physio feelgood factor for all ages and abilities. As we speak, a 91-year-old lady is merrily going through her weekly physio next door. “Our goal is to do the simple things well from the start,” says Ben, “and we assess each person as to what will work best for them. And it doesn’t just stop here in the gym – we have apps and programmes to help you maintain your workouts at home, to feel even greater benefits…”

With that glorious March sun beating through Platinum’s floor-to-ceiling windows down at Meridian Point doing our arthritis a world of good, we settled down to our soul-searching, muscle-building and bone-bending video chat with the bould Ben… 

You can find out more about Platinum Physio on their website here, or get in touch with Ben directly on You can also find out more about Platinum Pilates here.