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May 1, 2020
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April 29, 2020

In a time when many of Greystones’ long-standing businesses have had to go into hibernation, it’s heartening to see a brand new enterprise open its doors during these lockdown days.

And like many a smart enterprise, Washt! up in sunny Blacklion was born out of necessity.

Having regularly taken their excess laundry and too-big-for-the-washing-machine items down to the launderette that once sat in the old  Ormonde cinema building, when it closed, David Russell and Emma Grist were both disappointed and surprised.

How could a busy town like Greystones, with close to 20,000 people, not have somewhere to share that heavy load when it came to keeping ourselves neat, tidy, clean and maybe even well-pressed…?

Naturally, the couple decided to do something about it. Especially given that they have a happy, hyperactive and high-kicking young daughter, Lucy, to keep them both busy with 1,001 other little jobs around the house.

And so it was that the shiny, happy, splashy Washt! was born, David taking extra-special care with the design and decor, and Emma taking care of the admin and front-of-house.

Calling by their freshly-minted Blacklion HQ this afternoon, it’s clear that the couple’s bright idea is working, as another four bags of freshly-cleaned and freshly-ironed clothes, along with three bags of pillows and duvets, were all loaded up to be delivered to their expectant owners.

Of course, Washt! having a free collection and delivery service during these difficult times has been a major plus for many Greystonians, with Emma and David also well-equipped to have customers simply swing by. Deemed an essential service, from the automatic doors to the dirty big car park outside, it’s easy, and safe, to get yourself looking dapper once more.

But, hey, enough of our yakking. After a little introduction out in that slap-happy wind, we headed inside Washt! today to find out more from the bould Emma about sorting out life, one load a time…

Open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm, you can find out more about Washt! on their website here, and on Facebook here, and you can get in touch directly on info@washt.ie or 0879298300.

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  1. Stephen says:

    So happy for Emma, Dave and Lucy. What a time a great day. Wishing the every success in the future.