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August 27, 2016
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May 9, 2017
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It started out as a walk to the The Grove, to get some video footage of St Crispin’s Cell, but then Max reckoned that, since we’re pretty much on The Cliff Walk already, we might as well keep going…

And so it was that we headed out along that perfect walk on a perfectly sunny Tuesday afternoon in October (man, how beautiful is autumn?), meeting school tours, elderly tourist couples, local Polish hotties (drinking beer in the midday sun, bejiggers!), and the odd wide-eyed au pair having a spiritual moment. Or two.

By the time we made it to Bray, we was tuckered. Rather than get our traditional Dart home from such treks though, we suddenly realised that it had been far too long since GG got the bus out across Windgates.

Of course, being a hundredaire, thanks to the Guide (truly, it’s like squeezing blood out of a Greystonian), it’s rare these days that we have to mingle on public transport – but that upstairs front-seat was free, and, so, how could we resist?

You can tell a lot about a town by its main street bus stop. In Bray, there’s a handwritten sign on the house nearby. It reads, ‘DO NOT SPIT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR‘.

Once we were up and running, memories of a million bus journeys along this run came flooding back, especially when the occasional branch threatened to smash on through to the other side. Sweeping down into Greystones, you couldn’t have scripted it better.

The low sun had the driver pass by one poor sod just beyond The Grove; Stephen Hackett and his shady associate were lurking outside Dann’s bar, trying to figure out when last night ended and tonight begins; The Commander was strolling back up from his daily South Beach escapade just as Joe Redmond was heading home on the bus from his…

So, come with us on a trek across The Cliff Walk, and then a sunny bus ride home… 

kinsella-blacklion-18oct16bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-5-dart-trains-tunnelbus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-6bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-9bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-25-wheelbarrowbus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-10 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-12 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-13 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-27 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-29 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-34
bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-14 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-31 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-35-spit-door bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-40 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-49 bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-50

If you need to see that alluring Cliff Walk a little more, you can knock yourself out here, here, here, and here.


  1. Tracy says:

    I just found this lovely clip. Thanks so much! We are moving to Greystones (from Italy) and this clip is great for showing the family where we are moving to!
    Brava, grazie!!

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