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November 12, 2020
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Lucy’s Winning Chrismutt Card

Bejiggers, we seem to be breeding a whole new super race of gifted young artists around here.

After last week’s announcement of local Texaco Children’s Art Competition winners comes news of a Greystones 11-year-old being part of the Dogs Trust new Christmas card offerings.

St Brigid’s National School student Lucy Finnegan’s fetching pawtrait [top left] saw the young painter [right] using a fine collar palette to create one of the four designs chosen by the noted dog rescue charity.

The full list of winners is Callan Mulholland, Elaine McNabb, Sadbh Quinn and the bould Lucy. Judging the competition was Den deity Don Conroy.

Congrats to Lucy, and the three other winners. You can grab your Dogs Trust Christmas card pack-of-12 for just €8 here.