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April 11, 2016
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McGuinness Is Very Good For You…

It’s rare indeed that we here at GG HQ are left speechless, but when Steven Goodfellow and Paula McGuinness told me that they were sending over some early 1980s Greystones pictures taken by the latter’s father, well, what arrived pretty much knocked us sideways.

These shots are just so beautiful, and evocative, and downright cool.

There’s a real sense of just being there, back in time – walking up to Blacklion in the snow, heading to the South Beach on a ridiculously crowded summer’s day, messing about in beached boats down at the harbour, or, of course, playing tennis-on-ice in the shadow of the La Touche Hotel. We’ve all been there.

In an instant, these photographs bring back memories – from the 1980s, the 1990s, and, given just how evocative they are, even further.

Suffice to say, thank you, Luke McGuinness, for having such a fine hobby, and for being so damn good at it too.     

Haven’t quite finished with your McGuinness fix just yet? Click here.


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  1. Collette mcdonald says:

    I remember that winter so well. Before tesco etc. My youngest child was two and the snow in our garden was the same height as her. Coal was brought home on makeshift sledges. Milk ran out, even the goats milk in brods health food shop. We baked bread when the deliveries couldnt grt through. The golf course was a magnet for adventurous kids and adults in search of winter thrills. Neighbourliness was the order of the day.
    It was a few days and it was fun.

  2. Danny mc ginley says:

    Greystones in its prime. Before they messed up the habour.can still remember the snow that year it was great. Loved every photo