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May 31, 2020
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June 2, 2020
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Misunderstood Angels Close Harbour Piers

As we’ve learnt again agus again, agus again, when it comes to the youth causing trouble in this town, it’s never, ever, ever their fault.

It’s the weather. Bigger boys. The gardaí. The system. Ryan Turbidy. The moon over Uranus.

Whatever the reason, once again Greystones’ north pier is closed to the public, along with the smaller south pier – thanks to rather large gatherings there of pre-teens, teens and post-teens, out in the midday sun for a little illegal diving.

Word is it was really a solidarity march against the spread of Covid-19, many of the town’s brightest young folk all coming together for a group hug for those who have fallen victim to this deadly virus.

Not that local garda Maria Curtis was all that impressed by such an admirable gesture…

We are asking all residents, especially parents to preteen/teens and early 20s, to speak to their children regarding social distancing. The levels of youths congregating at all times of the day not abiding by Covid-19 regulations is significant.

This has resulted in more calls to the Gardaí.

On Sunday, the amount of teens on the south pier were noted as 80-100, a significant number not abiding by regulations. Many jumping into the sea. This is not permitted. The south pier has now been closed.

On Wednesday, calls were received by Greystones Garda Station of groups of youths swimming from the harbour to the pier to climb up on the pier.

We ask again that mothers and fathers talk about this pandemic and the importance of abiding by 2-metre guidelines when out. Youths jumping into the harbour have had close calls with the boats. We worry that it is only a matter of time that someone is hit by a boat at the harbour.

Please have that talk.

Or don’t, you know, if you feel your precious little angel is being victimised, once again, and definitely had nothing to do with any of this. And sure, didn’t we all mess around when we were kids

In that case, you, and your kid, have every right to ignore the rules and regulations that everyone else in the town – aka: the sheeple! – is following.