Kilcoole Beach Car Park Closed For Summer
May 28, 2020
Have A Guinness For Andy
May 31, 2020

For those who know there way around a harbour, the new boat slip down at Greystones’ swanky new marina has always been a tricky one.

Mainly because it’s as slippy as all feck when the conditions are just so.

Such as, you know, when it gets wet.

Such was the case back in 2016, when a motorist decided he might pull a James Bond and drive underwater. And again, today, another potentially fatal accident occurred.

“I saw a man in a wheelchair down on the boat slip,” says Guide reader and fisherwoman extraordinaire Wendy Carroll Salmon. “I stood to watch because I have had to have my car towed back up that slip twice, as it’s incredibly slippy.”

And it proved to be a little too slippy for the man in the wheelchair today.

“The wheelchair didn’t stop, and slid into the water until the man could not be seen,” explains Wendy. “Three youths on paddle boards noticed and immediately went to his rescue, dragging him out of the water. They were able to retrieve his wheelchair with ropes too…”

Thankfully, the man himself wasn’t hurt – just a little shook. And very wet.

“That slip at the marina is deadly,” finishes Wendy. “I think people should be aware of how dangerous it can be. Kids could easily slip in…”