Trippin’ The Solas Fantastic
October 7, 2020
Aren’t You Supposed To Shout ‘FORE!’?
October 7, 2020

Just as with the too cool for skool GG, young Gearoid McKenna jumped out of secondary school a little early because, hey, he got a job.

A job that came with money. And maybe even the prospect of a future career.

That’s how it kinda played out for GG (in truth, we should be working on our difficult 20th album right now), and it’s certainly how it paid off for the McKenna lad

It was at the age of 15 that he got an apprenticeship job in Bray, at £50 a week, working in the fine world of emergency lighting. And he’s never looked back – or darksince.

Which, to be honest, even though we’ve known Gearoid since forever – if not longer – is news to us. This bright spark has been lighting up public spaces, squares, streets, bridges and beyond for the last 40 years, and sitting in his spanking new Eden Gate retail outlet, it’s obvious that the man can still get excited by a fat-bottomed bulb.

Of which there are some here today the size of basketballs. Nice.

Having started up his own business, TaskLED, back in 2018, a year later, his brother Ronan and his nephew Jake were on board, bringing with them expertise in CAD and BIM computer-aided design and building information modelling. It says here.

Not exactly sure what all that means, but, it has certainly helped TaskLED move on up from a small upstairs office in Watson & Johnson’s to this expansive new showroom HQ at the top of Charlesland.

Officially opening on Wednesday, October 7th, if you’ve ever wanted to see your world in a better light, Gearoid and co will get you there, with a ridiculous array of LED wonders for both inside and outside the home.

You can find out more about TaskLED here, and get in touch on or 012870528. In the meantime, the man himself shines a little light on how his always-glittering career…

Again, for those down the back, you can find out more about TaskLED here, and get in touch on or 012870528.