Greystones Archaelogical Gang’s Summer Outing
May 8, 2019
St David’s Class Of ’79 Reunion
May 16, 2019

After the major turnout around the world for March 15th’s School Strike For Climate Action, the organisers decided to strike twice.

While the arctic is hot.

And if there wasn’t quite as many solar-powered kids – or adults – this time out, well, that’s perhaps understandable. Greystones – and Ireland – was pretty darn busy today.

There’s the local elections, the European elections, and that divorce referendum amendment thingy.

Given just how strongly Greystones feels about climate change though, there’s little doubt that there were thousands out in spirit, spurring on those who made it down to Burnaby Park at 1pm today.

After a quick check for weapons, the gang heard a few rousing words – with a megaphone, just in case anyone present happened to be deaf – and were then treated to a few rousing chants. And songs.  

In among the mantras, music, marching, mayhem and anger management, the bould John McGowan was there with his trusty, free-range camera, to capture this sunny day…

You can view the full gallery of John McGowan shots from today here, find out more about the global strike right here, and more about Wicklow’s recent climate & biodiversity emergency declaration here

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