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May 10, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Again and again, Greystones has proven itself to be a town where neighbours are keen to help neighbours…

And here at GG HQ, we believe that, given the option of buying local, pretty much every Greystonian would. Happily.

This is a town, after all, where everybody knows your name. Or, at the very least, used to go to school with your sister’s son’s girlfriend’s mother’s secret lover.

Part of the Guide’s mission to connect Greystonians to Greystonians is having a comprehensive directory that helps everyone find what they’re looking for, from plumbers to party planners, carpenters to kineticists, hairdressers to handymen – and all points inbetween.

Our membership prices, it’s important to note, are all very much Mates Rates, set at a fraction of our rivals. So, you can jump onboard for as little as €10 for a two-week promotion, or get wise, and be part of the Guide for a whole year for just €95.

That’s seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year of us telling everyone how fab and groovy you are.

But, hey, enough of our yakking – here’s de spiel…

Spreading The Good Word

Occasionally irreverent but always relevant, the Guide works with Greystones retailers, plumbers, electricians, yoga masters and all the other traders to help spread the good word far beyond an individual businesses’ circle of social media friends. As the likes of Facebook and Twitter become more and more swamped in sponsored spam, the Guide cuts through the trolls and tribulations of social media to bring you a true, clear directory of this town.

We’re always happy to run charity events for free, of course. For everyone else, we’ve got lots of options – and pretty much all of them come with your own customised and lovingly-created GG page, boasting all your information, images, contact details and links.  We also have a vast library of striking images and gifs to help your Guide presence snap, crackle & pop. And if you need photographs taken of your business, we have a special membership rate of just €45 – check it out right here.

And, once again, our prices are ridiculously low. The Guide being more of a co-op than a company.

A mere €10 for four weeks on our daily-updated listings and seasonal promotions, €25 for your own GG page & six weeks or €35 for a week-long cover spot & five weeks. Membership-wise, it’s €50 for three months membership, €75 for six months, or just €95 for a whole year, each coming with free & fresh pages every six weeks for specials, news, etc, each worth €25 each.

We’re here to promote Greystones as a top-of-the-range, Grace A, kick-ass town – which, of course, it is – by bringing together our history, our present day and what’s to come. One day, the Guide will stand as a major record of our town. So future generations can marvel at just how dang cool we are.

You can submit your details right about here, cough up some moolah right here, and if you need a little help choosing the right Guide membership for you, you can email us on You can also find out about our Mates Rates ad and sponsorship options here.

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