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Speakers’ Corner: Tom Fortune

With campaigning already underway for May 24th’s local elections, we’ve asked each of those running to answer five simple questions about where they’ve been, where they’re at, and where they hope to take us all.

Especially given that they’ve all agreed to keep our town and village centres free from campaign posters.

Day by day, each entry will be given the floor, unedited, to express their plans and hopes, their dreams and schemes.

And to keep it fair, we’re doing this alphabetically. So, third up is Tom Fortune, an Independent who has been in office since his breakthrough in 2004.

Take it away, Tom…

What inspired you to become involved in local politics? Was there a Road To District Council moment…?
I have been involved in the community all of my life across a cross section of activities. A good friend of mine, Jack Smith, asked me if I would allow my name to go forward for the local elections, and that was my light bulb moment. I was elected to Wicklow County Council on my first election campaign in 2004.

Of your work so far, are there particular achievements that you are particularly proud of?
I love the work. My biggest achievement I believe is the hundreds of people I have been able to help across the district on all kinds of issues. I am very proud of the new Kilcoole Community Centre. I am very proud of the playgrounds and schools. Taking a stand on behalf of my constitutions when some decisions are unfair and wrong. This is a key responsibility of a public representative.

Looking forward, what are the main goals that you would like to achieve over the coming years?
Get better budgets for the infrastructure that is required on a day to day basis. Ensure all the various government funding schemes are known and applied for. Work on the bus and train service to ensure we get better and improved service. There is a lot of footpath improvements required across the district. Housing is a major priority. Work to get better local government. There is a need to have better separation between local and national government, the whip system sometimes works against the interests of the local community. Independent is better for the community.

To turn a fine Mayor Quimby quote into a question, ask not what you can do for your county, but what you can do for Greystones…?
I will continue to look for investment, raise the relevant issues and ask the hard questions when required. Be THE VOICE OF REASON. Improve the quality of life for people across the district.

If being a politician doesn’t work out, have you got a Career B in mind? Dancer? Magician? Traffic warden…?
Formula 1 Driver.

You can find out more about Tom Fortune on Facebook here and Twitter here. You can also contact Tom directly on and 0862488195. There will be a chance to meet all the local candidates at Greystones Tennis Club on Tuesday May 7th, at 7pm.

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