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Take The Long Road Home

“I’ve got thousands of pictures at home, thousands, taken around here over many, many years…”

“When I’ve finished organising them, I’ll bring them to you.”

It was a conversation we had with the late Joe Redmond quite a few times, and it took us a while to realise that, well, being the kind of man he was, those photographs might never quite be fully organised.

With Joe sadly passing at the end of October, so did our hope of ever seeing all those glorious photographs that he spoke so intensely about. “You can see the changes along our coast through these photos,” Joe would say. “They’re important. People need to see them…”

It would appear that Joe’s sister-in-law, Ann, felt the same way, getting in touch with us this week to say that those thousands of photographs were being sorted through. And would we be interested in checking them out…?

In the words of the great man himself, “Feck, yeah!“.

The first batch we were given charted a memorably trek along the Cliff Walk for Joe on a snowy October day back in 2010. The date for each photograph is noted down at the back of the album, just to prove that Joe was indeed meticulous about keeping a definite record of his visual diary of Greystones.

We’ll be exploring more albums of Joe Redmond’s photographs over the coming weeks. In the meantime, strap yourself in for a magical walk along the finest stretch of coastline between, eh, here and Bray…


You can check out – and download – the full gallery in hi-res right about here.

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