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July 2, 2021
They Are The Champions
July 2, 2021

ard to believe that it’s been 15 months since Alan Adamson last graced our dirty ol’ town.

Which makes his 2021 Comeback Special today all the more special.

It also provided a much-needed reason to be cheerful here at GG HQ, given that Greystones has been in something of a funk of late. That long and winding road back home has clearly turned quite a few dispositions around here from sunny to overcast and grey

“I love it down in Tipperary,” says The Man Who Would Be The King, “but it’s not quite the same as Greystones. This is my Memphis, my Gracelands, and I was so happy to just say ‘Uh-hu-hu’ to everyone again today.”

Of course, the relentless rain on this particularly Irish summer’s day meant that there weren’t all that many people out on the streets of Greystones this afternoon. Which is probably just as well. Having a crowd gather around you when you’ve only just had your second vaccine jab might be a little dangerous. So, we simply holed up at Buoys Kitchen, with a little more conversation and a little less action. Where The King had, of course, a whopping great burger.

Two months ago, when we visited Elvis down the rabbit hole that is deepest, rosiest Tipperary, it was clear that country living was agreeing with the man. He’s never looked better, especially in the black velour suit that we got Alan for his May 12th birthday.

“And I’ve never sounded better,” he adds, modestly. “My voice right now is amazing. Deeper than ever.

“So, I was more than ready to sing a few songs for my many fans up in Greystones today.”

Next time. Returning in two weeks, first port of call for Alan will be an Elvis Presley Special from Tall Boy Toastie before he sets up talking shop outside the train station. The plan being to have another long, slow Greystones lunch from 1pm to 3pm.

So, when we have the exact date, swing down. And don’t forget your autograph book. And IOUs.