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May 19, 2017
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There’s something about taking an artists’ work and putting it on public display that changes not only our perception of that art, but also the artist themselves.

And that reflected glory can have a wonderful effect on the person behind the work, as tonight’s launch of the Imprints exhibition at Greystones Studios proved.

The work of students from RehabCare Bray, these simple clay impressions were full of colour, inventiveness (the lid of a pen being one of the major tools) and character. And, as much as these little explosions of joy shone brightly in their minimalist white frames hanging on the pure white walls of Greystones Studios’ top-floor gallery, it was the artists themselves who shone the brightest.

The elation in the room took something of a leap higher though when Miriam O’Callaghan walked through the door, the long-standing RTE presenter having been inspired to swing by not only because she has a beloved nephew who also has learning disabilities but also because she had heard so much about the good work being done by RehabCare Bray.

Somehow, Miriam had also heard about the good work going on around Theatre Lane – not only this week’s exhibition in Greystones Studios but also the re-opening of the theatre downstairs last weekend, with the Greystones Players’ Dancing At Lughnasa. All of which may explain why Miriam may a beeline for Ross McParland, the man behind them all.

Not that anyone was about to forget that the night was really about the 25 wonderful artists present, and their incredible work. Big congrats to everyone at RehabCare Bray for putting this together – manager Rebecca Power, supervisor Dorothy Pryce(less), programmes facilitator Tom ‘The Fonz’ Larrigan, supervisor Sarah Boyde, and programmes facilitators Danielle Doyle, Fíona Ní Chíobhain and Karen Bickerstaff. Young Dorothy stressed the gang’s delight at having taken their work outside of their own little nest for the first time. Given the success of tonight, it certainly won’t be the last

In the end, you realised that each of these wonderful pieces hanging on the walls of the Greystones Studios was beautiful and unique. Just like the artists who created them

Running until Saturday, May 20th, you can catch the Imprints exhibition upstairs in Greystones Studios from 11am to 3pm daily. You can also check out the full gallery of shots from tonight’s launch right about here.

 You can catch the full Pablo Photography gallery of shots from the night here.

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