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June 28, 2020
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June 25, 2020

It was hard to tell who was more excited and delighted at today’s graduation party for Kilcoole Primary Schools’s 6th year students.

There were tears, and laughter, from parents and schoolkids alike, as the sun shine down on an important day in these kids’ lives.

It was also a day where there was lots of free ice cream.

Given that much of this year’s schooling had been missed, thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown, three of the parents – Jill Kenny Finnerty, Fiona Curran and Donna Shannon – put their heads together to see if they could plan a grand farewell for those Kilcoole Primary School kids graduating in 2020.

“This was all just last week and, on Monday, we asked a few local businesses if they could help,” explains Jill. “We wanted to have an outdoor event, where the kids could their t-shirts and their autograph books signed. And we wanted to make sure the day would be fun for each and every one of them…”

With the year’s three classes divided up into Yellow, Orange and Green, each was given a designated time so as not to allow for social distancing.

“And with great support from those businesses, and a whole bunch of the parents, we put on a very special morning for them,” smiles Jill. “The fact that the sun shone too just made this a perfect graduation day…”

Luckily, our #1 roving photographer John McGowan was also on hand to catch all the smiling, happy and ice-cream-covered faces…

You can check out – and download for free – John McGowan’s full hi-res gallery from the day here.