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December 18, 2015
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December 20, 2015

An amateur photographer, Greystones resident Harry Acheson was pretty darn chuffed when colour entered the picture. As these wonderful pics prove.

Taken in the mid-1950s (mainly the harbour shots), the 1960s (Church Road and co) and into the early 1970s (the construction of the N11 junction in Glen of the Downs), the colour here may sometimes be a little Ashes To Ashes (the South Beach was never purple, right?), but, as a time capsule, these photos are mighty fine. Bordering on the sublime.

This is John Hinde without the hard sell, Greystones and its people captured in everyday mode. Taking a stroll up the main street, getting your car refilled at the Calary station in the shadow of the Sugar Loaf, or generally arsing about down at that beautiful old harbour of ours, back when Sweeney’s was still The Anchor.

Even just to see Church Road long before the main thoroughfare of family homes was ripped asunder by big multi-national corporations such as The Happy Pear and Alter Me Alterations, these photos are special.

Billy Thompson, Derek Paine, John Fox, Bob Thompson, Terence Evans, Harry Acheson, Neville Spurling, Derek Ferns & Stan Paine. Circa 108 B.C.

Harry Acheson is from a generation long before computers and the saving of images on hard drives.

Everyone back then stuffed their favourite photographs in old drawers. Unfortunately, by the state of these shots when we first got them, it would appear Harry stuffed his old photos in Mrs Brown’s drawers.

After some quick tidying up though, we managed to remove any stains larger than your average Mini.

So, a big thanks to Harry’s son, Gary – the man behind our historic Blasts From The Past column – for digging these wonderful images out for all of Greystones to enjoy. 

You can check out these shots face-lifted in 2021 here, and also find out what Harry feels about his hometown when we caught up with him in 2016, right here.


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  1. Noeleen O Neill says:

    It was brilliant looking at the photos … THANK YOU

  2. marcella finnegan says:

    wonderful photographs of the Greystones I grew up in. Thank you for sharing these! you should print a calendar.

  3. david robbie says:

    Great pics but he missed Fernside by a few feet in about three of the pics. If he had only moved back about 10 foot for at least one of them.

  4. Dominic says:

    Fantastic.Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Heather Place (Macdougald) says:

    Had forgotten the raft in the harbour 🙂