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Working For The Rathdown

Latest press release from Labour candidate Anne Waithira Burke, issued on Friday, May 17th 2019…

Rathdown Park, Greystones is a housing estate with one entrance onto the road over Bray Head

On visiting there recently, Anne Waithira Burke, the Labour Candidate, was surprised to hear that these residents are having an awful time trying to get out of their estate in the mornings because of the long line of traffic going towards the schools in Blacklion and the M50 via Bray.

There is a yellow box on the road beside their entrance, but it is only a half box. and they cannot get across to the far side of the road where the traffic is heavy. Anne has written to the council on their behalf requesting that the half yellow box be extended to a full yellow box across the road at their entrance.

As the traffic in the mornings is known to be heavy on that part of the road, she hopes the Council will act on their request.

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