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February 9, 2020
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Young Love Finds A Way

They grow up so fast these days, it’s enough to make most parents turn to social media.

One minute, they’re innocently laughing about bread with the family goat, the next, they’re pining for a boy they just met down at the local adventure park.

Such is the case for Shauna Soady’s little girl, 2-year-old Winter having had the time of her life playing at Zoom in Charlesland last Wednesday. Mainly because she met a young lad called Max. Possibly in one of the 327 tunnels of love there.

Stupidly, despite having her phone, her tablet and her retro blackberry in her bag, Winter forgot to get any contact details for her new best friend.

And so it was that, in desperation, Shauna turned to the good people of Facebook to help the two freshly-minted besties to find each other. ‘Long shot here,’ began this evening’s post, but, within two hours, Orla Monahan had gotten in touch. Max [left] was her little boy.

And he’d been suffering his own winter of discontent. Without his Winter.

There’ll be quite a few other Greystonians going on their own special play dates this Friday, as Valentine’s Day descends upon the town, but how many of them will truly possess the longing for the one that they’re with that Winter feels for her absent Max…?

Probably not many, but, then again, there’s always booze. And, as we all know, absinthe does indeed makes the heart grow fonder…

And if anyone needs any inspiration for how forever love works, here’s Harry & Mary.

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