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While the rest of you Greystonians are having a lazy, hazy Sunday, scratching your arse, eating too many snacks and trying to read more than just the first two paragraphs of the Sunday papers, we here at GG HQ have been diving deep into the archives again.

As we set about tidying up the thousands of shots we’ve added over the years, we’re also adding a whole new batch of beauties too.

Unsurprisingly, a large number of those seductive shots are of the harbour.

And so we’ve decided to put a bunch of those new finds together on one post, so you can splash about to your heart’s content in all these hidden rock pools of cool.

We should have the main archive itself tidied up by Sunday evening, or Monday week, at the latest. And then we’ll move on to the people, the streets, the kids, the shops, the South Beach, and all the other groovy Greystones archives

Ah, sure, some poor, deluded, unpaid schmuck’s got to do it…

Blue Harbour 28JAN08 Donal Fitzmaurice Neligan [flickr] (and above)

Greystones Harbour Postcard 1953. Source: Young Neary

Greystones Harbour 31OCT05 Keith McCabe [flickr]

Harbour Trip 11AUG17 Catherine MacBride [flickr]

Harbour Panorama 28JAN08 Donal Fitzmaurice Neligan [flickr]

Harbour Panorama 14JULY17 Mark Irvine [flickr]

Harbour Painting 9AUG06 Hans van der Boom [flickr]

Harbour Fence 16APR06 Terri O’Sullivan [flickr]

Hanging Around In Greystones 7AUG06 gingerflute [flickr]

Greystpnes North Beach 7MAY07 Acidreams [flickr]

Greystones Wisps 9JULY05 Irish Typepad [flickr]

Greystones Harbour Sunrise 28JAN08 Donal Fitzmaurice Neligan [flick]

Greystones Harbour Green 14NOV06 Alice Unterwegs [flickr]

Greystones Harbour Boats 2AUG05 Finian Murphy [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 2007 Arkadiusz Kubiak [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 26SEPT11 pickledfish [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 23FEB09 Pic mmalaka [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 19JULY08 Rima Malukaite [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 18JAN04. Pic The Soapbox (flickr)

Greystones Harbour 17JAN04 Jonathan Crossman [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 16AUG05 Brian King [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 11DEC06 Bryant Crubaugh [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 9OCT06. Pic Debbie Wogan [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 9OCT06 Debbie Wogan [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 8NOV05 Erik Jaeger [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 3SEPT06 Trevor Stafford [flickr]

Greystones Harbour 2SEPT07 Sebastian [flickr]

Green Boat On The Harbour 8APR07 Alan Cardwell [flickr]

Waiting For The Boats 2JUNE07 Simon Lazewski [flickr]


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