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August 10, 2017
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A Message To You, Reuben

In just about every Irish family, there’s a joker in the pack…

Sometimes, there’s nothing but jokers, but, hey, there’s always one who turns it all the way up to 11.

In Rodney Evans’ clan, it was obvious right from the very start which one of his kids wasn’t quite like the others.

Whereas his brothers, Simon and Ger, were happy to get underneath the bonnet of a car to find out what makes it tick, and squeak, and stall, Reuben Evans was happier trying to the kitchen table cloth out from underneath the Christmas dinner without sending the turkey out through the window.

And this was before the lad was out of short trousers.

Headlining a Sunday matinee at The Whale after adding some fun to the fun and magic to Greystones last October and December, over the last 35 years, Reuben has evolved those simple, early magic tricks he headlined his fellow junior infant’s birthday parties with into… well, just about everything one man and a stage can muster.

From custard pie classics to stand-up comedy, from something called Loud Mime to thrilling the young viewers of RTE Junior, Reuben has been there, disappeared that, and made a whole lot of people – young and old – double-up with laughter.

Hey, there’s laughter in magic, and magic in laughter. Just ask Tommy Cooper.

Ahead his Whale headliner on December 16th, we caught up with Reuben over at the old family homestead, to talk tricks of the trade, and, well, the trade of tricks…

You can find out more about Reuben right here, about the December 16th Whale headliner here, and about his somewhat legendary pop right here.

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