The Beach House On Wheels
October 24, 2020
Playground Clean-Up Group Sparkles
October 22, 2020

Every now and then, some foolish parent decides that having their precious offspring take work experience at GG HQ might just prepare them for the big bad world out there.

As though spending a day playing pool, trying peanut butter on all the fruits of the world and putting superhero costumes on a dog could actually be deemed as work.

And still they come, the latest young schmuck, Thomas Savoie, trekking all the way up from Redcross, and having the misfortune of arriving on a particularly wet and miserable Tuesday.

We had planned on sending the lad out around the town for an outsider’s view of Greystones. Come rain or sleet. Hey, it worked last time.

So, a few soggy hours after pushing him out the door, a thoroughly drenched Thomas returned with a camera full of pics and a head full of thoughts on this foreign land of ours…

I’ve come to Greystones quite often since I was young, and always reckoned it would be a nice place to live.

Of course, when you talk to teenagers who do actually live here, they’ll tell you there’s nothing to do. They should try a day hanging out in Redcross. One shop, one pub, and a dog with a stutter.

Still, I thought I should take a walk around Greystones, on a Tuesday – a very wet Tuesday – to see if indeed there was nothing to do.

Besides the 1,789 places to eat – including every teen’s new favourite, Sonny’s, and that scrumptious ice-cream parlor, Gino’s Gelato – there’s the little matter of the park, the harbour, the great big playground (for the shorter teen, of course), the great big South Beach, the fact that there’s a theatre right in the town, along with The Hot Spot music venue, and an actual selection of pubs (for the taller teen, of course), and what seems to be about a million different classes, acting troupes, sports clubs and beyond…

In Redcross, we have one shop, one pub and a dog with a stutter.

So, I’ll have to say, even standing at the harbour, soaking wet, waiting for Joe Sweeney’s to open at 4pm, I reckon Greystones must be a pretty amazing place to grow up.

Of course, it would take me a long, long time to truly get over saying goodbye to Mr. B-B-Bow-Wow…