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October 3, 2016
The Ormonde
October 4, 2016

s some of you smarter readers might have already guessed, it takes quite a bit of blood, sweat and tea to put the Greystones Guide together.

It also takes, on average, 26 hours a day, eight days a week.

Nine during the busy seasons. Such as summer, autumn and winter. And spring.

If we didn’t love keeping the Guide fire burning daily, hey, we would have quit a long time ago. Having started out with the idea that if we put together a living, breathing, ass-kicking guide to all things Greystonespast, present and futurewe could survive on the kindness of local business gurus and gurriers to hit that Holy Grail of the minimum wage.

At least, back in 2012, that was the glorious plan. For a small membership fee – starting at €50 per year, or €5 a month – the Guide would produce top-of-the-range, oven-ready, Grade A features that would reach out and touch thousands upon thousands of fellow Greystonians.

Somewhere between town crier and village idiot, the Guide has kept up its side of the bargain, tipping over the 250,000 hits a month point last summer (streets ahead of any other Wicklow media) by keeping de peoples well informed every single day of all the events, new arrivals, special offers and juicy gossip in this idyllic neck of the woods. Heck, we even managed to sell a guy’s house for him down in Charlesland.

So, as we try and promote and chronicle this rockin’ little town of ours without ever running any spamtastic ads, we also have to think about ways of keeping ourselves in such luxuries as bread and water. And electricity, to run our banks and banks of computers.

We’ve had some incredible support from not only fine businesses over the years but individuals too, the latter heeding our 2019 call for a little help from our friends. But it’s still a struggle. Especially when you have sunny restaurant moguls constantly answering your query – after eight years and numerous cover stories – about finally joining the Guide with the well-worn, well-rehearsed reply, “Sure, we’ll have a coffee some time soon and talk about it“. Every year. For eight years.

So, time to try a little People Power. If you feel you can throw something into the hat by subscribing to the Guide, well, we’d be excited agus delighted. There are three montly options below, of €5, €10 or, if you’re feeling crazy, €15, any of which would make a huge, huge difference to our daily slog. And our nightly sleeps.  

Once we’re up and running, there will be a monthly prize for subscribers, ranging from yummy lunches in one of the town’s fine eateries to theatre tickets, dog grooming, beauty treatments, sweeties and beyond.

To become a Guide Cadet, just sign up below. Or you can check out our other options – including a simple one-off donation – to help keep this lighthouse blinking right over here. For donations, make sure to scroll down past subscriptions.

Suffice to say, you will have our undying love. For at least an hour and a half each and every month.

€5 A Month [Start Me Up!]

€10 A Month [Now we’re sucking poitín!]

€15 A Month [Wild Thing, I think I love you!]

If none of these float your boat, plenty more options here, kids. And even just for thinking about helping out, thanks!

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  1. Paul says:

    From Avril Burgess…

    Thanks Paul, for the continuing and very welcome Greystones Guide. It’s always a treat when the Guide email pops in. I think we’re very lucky here in Greystones to have a weekly compendium of local news, photos, obituaries and lots more, served with hefty dashes of snappy headlines and good humour. It adds to the sense of community in our town. Which we need. Especially now as we try to make our eyes smile over the masks.

    Am listening to the GG’s Back to the Eighties (the decade that taste forgot) music. Amazing to think that those sounds are in their 40th year. Blast from the past.

    Well done Paul. Happy New Year to you and to the Guide! And thanks again. Avril

    P.S. If you can afford it, please support the Greystones Guide and keep its maestro going…. we’d really miss it if it wasn’t there!