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May 15, 2020
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May 17, 2020

We had been wondering when we saw Dylan Hatton Donegan’s fine Splash Of Colour kids art competition what his inspirations might have been.

Perhaps a dash of Keith Haring, some cubist Picasso, a little Mondian and maybe just a splash of Hockney.

As it turns out, the main inspiration for Dylan’s winning entry was, eh, the online video game Fortnite. And a female character therein deciding to paint a window in a jigsaw pattern of colours.

Naturally, mum Nicola wasn’t about to sacrifice precious daylight and that much-needed view in these lockdown days, so Dylan retired to the back patio.

His mini-masterpiece took a full week to complete, and that’s even with a little help from his 3-year-old brother, Leo. A helping hand that inspired the Dyleo signature on Marshmallow Mish-Mash.

This afternoon, we presented young Dylan with his winning €50 voucher – the lad opting for Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop, with Mooch having run a close second – and we tried to find out just where all this arty-farty talent came from…

Thanks again to Greystones-based telecommunications geeks Goldfish for sponsoring that €50 prize. You can check out all of this year’s fine entries here.