Forested Land At Kindlestown Wood Being Sold

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December 6, 2018
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December 6, 2018
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Forested Land At Kindlestown Wood Being Sold

When nearby residents received a letter informing them that land was being sold at Kindlestown Wood, they were naturally alarmed.

With so much land around in Delgany, Greystones and beyond being turned into housing estates in the blink of an eye – roughly 1,000 due in and around Delgany over the coming three years – any step into private ownership of land around here can cause panic.

So, given that Coillte look after Kindlestown Wood, and are handling the proposed sale – outlined in yellow on the map, top left – we thought it best to get in touch.

John Hoolan, property sales team leader at Coillte, had this to say…

Coillte were approached by an adjoining landowner seeking to acquire circa 1.4ha of forested land at Kindlestown. As part of our consultation policy adjoining landowners were notified. Some showed an interest in also acquiring and sale is being handled by an auctioneer on Coillte’s behalf. Lands in question do not impact on recreational element of the property.

The process is currently ongoing and with more than one interested party it will be left to the auctioneer to bring the sale to a conclusion.

Sounds reasonable. Which, around here, is all the more reason to be suspicious. We’ll keep you informed. 

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  1. Eye spy says:

    I would assume that the proposed greystones to n11 road would exit/join onto ballydonagh road. So I would also assume that these interested parties are aiming to grab a bit of future development land at a bargain price. Amazing that Coillte would sell off something with such potentially high value.
    I wonder who the “adjoining lands” are owned by? A savvy developer no doubt.

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