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November 11, 2015
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January 15, 2016
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Greystones Aqua Fun Park is now OPEN!

Greystones Water Park 9th Nov 2015 5 (1024x657)
There’s no doubt about it, Wicklow County Council spoil us, they really do.

Plainly deciding to give the town an early Christmas present, overnight, the Greystones Aqua Fun Park has opened, without so much as a press release or any kind of fanfare.

Because, that’s how Wicklow County Council roll. They don’t need your love, your admiration, your cheers – they just want to give and give. And then give some more.

Got to say, not entirely sure if it’s the right time of year to open a Water Fun Park thingy in Greystones, even if it is a return to the Park & Ride’s original water-logged state [top left], but, hey, it’s the thought that counts.

So, thank you, once again, Wicklow County Council, for treating Greystones so well. You really are special. Very, very special.

Greystones Water Park 9th Nov 2015 1 (636x1024) Greystones Water Park 9th Nov 2015 3 (678x1024) Greystones Water Park 9th Nov 2015 6 (678x1024) Greystones Water Park 9th Nov 2015 8 (1024x669) Greystones Water Park 9th Nov 2015 12 (584x1024) 
This just in – Mitchell, McLoughlin & co not happy with GG’s hee-hee. Read all about it here.


  1. Bogman says:

    Why don’t you simply take responsibility Mr Mitchell? The piece ultimately reflects frustration that the local council cannot or will not do routine inspection/maintenance. There are tons of drains around Greystones that are blocked. Do you have a plan to have these inspected and cleaned – or does one have to wait for people to wade through 6 inches of water to get to their car before anything is done.

    Last time I looked the council actually employs people to do this ‘difficult and unpleasant work’. Stop making excuses and for once represent the community that voted for you.

  2. Local staff of the council have been trying to sort this flooding out, I think over the weekend. It is difficult and unpleasant work. The site drains to the sea by pipe under the railway and storms block this drain with shingle. Staff should be helped not satirised

    • Karl says:

      Satire is a benchmark of effective democracy. There was a failing by those responsible to prevent the flooding . A light hearted article on a facebook page shouldn’t concern you that greatly, especially when they have a point. Please cheer up. K

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