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April 21, 2021
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Greystones Camera Club Needs You!

t’s the club that’s given us such noted snappers as Feargal Breathnach, John McGowan and Anna O’Rourke…

And right now, the Greystones Camera Club are putting out the call for new members.

Meeting every Thursday night at 8pm- the latest get-togethers being held virtually, of course – this is a chance to find out the tricks of the light from those shady characters in the know.

Founded in 2011, you can find out more about the Greystones Camera Club over on their website here, and go explore their history in our archives here.

For those keen to join in the dark room fun (oh, those were the days), email info@greystonescameraclub.ie.

Thanks to members Barry Hurley for the dear deer pic, and Eugene Duffy for going feral on the cover.