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February 13, 2020
Coffee, Cake & Ceoil For Greystones Parkinson’s
February 15, 2020

It’s that time of year when the almost-career-changing Irish Restaurant Award nominations are unleashed upon the nation.

Quite the little moneyspinner, there were over 100,000 entries for the nominations this year.

And as the lucky eateries in this foodie town that have made it through begin to get notice in the post, the tickets are already on sale for the Leinster leg of the nationals.

Taking place on February 26th at the Knightsbrook Hotel in faraway Trim, each nominee will, of course, be expected to take a table

Which is a nice little moneyspinner.

We know the nominations are out because Tim from Enso got in touch, very excited and extremely delighted to have their new Greystones pizza joint get a nod in the Best Cafe In Wicklow category.

We’ve just sent out word to other likely participants, and already heard back from Daata. They’re up for Best Restaurant Manager (that fecker, Waseem), eBest Chef (Rahat Saeed), Best Casual Dining, Best Customer Service, Best Kids Size Me, Best Restaurant and Best World Cuisine.

Up at The Horse & Hound’s Bellevue Restaurant, Paul Sharkey is nominated for Best Chef, whilst the restaurant itself gets Best Newcomer, Best Restaurant and Best Casual Dining. Boom!

Over at Tiffin By Sunil, they’re up for Best Customer Service, Best Kids Size Me and Best World Cuisine, whereas Paul from The Three Qs was on the blower, reckoning from memory that the letter at home listed Best Restaurant, Best Casual Dining, Best Customer Service, Best Emerging Restaurant (“or something like that“), and Hottest Staff.

Down de town, Camile are up for Best Casual Dining, Best Customer Service, Best Newcomer and Best Wine Experience, Bear Paw are up for Best Casual Dining and Best Cafe, Eleven Deli are once again up for Best Cafe, The Hungry Monk are up for Best Manager (young Julian), Best Chef (old Chris), Best Casual Dining, Best Customer Service, Best Restaurant and Best Wine Experience, whilst  Ciara’s Kitchen got another Best Cookery School nod, and we’re assured that Chakra’s nominations are in the post.

When we know more, we’ll let you know… 

In the meantime, congrats to all of the above. May the best menu win…

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