Greystones’ Own Satellite Of Love

Know Your Rights August 2017
September 15, 2017
Know Your Rights: September 2017
September 15, 2017

They’ve got the whole world in their sights, and the beautiful thing about satellites is that, hey, they’re willing to share.

Even with little ol’ Greystones.

Having launched last November with a live link-up of the National Theatre’s debut production of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, and continued with the likes of A Woman Of No Importance and The Nutcracker, The Whale has been hooking up to that particular satellite of love over the past year to bring the town a series of exclusive nights out at the theatre.

Well, two theatres, in fact, if you consider that you’re in this fine Greystones theatre, which, through the space-time continuum of that satellite hidden way up on the rooftop, will bring The Whale inside the belly of  The Metropolitan Opera, The Bolshoi Ballet and The National Theatre.

Man, if Mrs Scuffil could only see us now.

Upcoming on the Bolshoi Ballet front, there’s Bizet and Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite on Sunday, May 19th at 4pm.

Tickets are limited to 60 for these satellite love-in link-ups, and cost between €25 and €13, depending on the show. The main things is, there are no flights or hotels involved this end. And you can bring a drink from the bar to your table. Sweet! 

We asked the sexy young Greig Fairfield, Head of Cool Stuff down at The Whale, to explain exactly what this ohms-across-the-water malarkey is all about. Beam us up, Greigy!

We’re delighted to be introducing the concept of live theatre, opera and ballet from world class producers brought to the unique and special setting of The Whale theatre. We are offering people the opportunity to sit at candlelit tables and enjoy wine whilst watching these productions. This is unlike any other venue doing these screenings as most are cinemas like Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire and Arklow.

The whole process technically involved the installation of a 1.2m dish and two special receivers, both tuned into Intelsat 10-02, one running live and one running as a back up. We have a test for an hour the day before and then it’s live from 6pm on the day of the show! You got to love the pressure! It’s like doing Big Brother or Top Of The Pops again where things are slightly out of your control – weather, etc, can interfere with the signal, so it will be a fun night!

So grab your seat a satellite of love link-up right here. Worth noting too that The Whale does a mean cheese board, as well as good old-fashioned snacks, such as popcorn and confectionery. 

Jaysus, we’re getting fierce cultured around here these days. 

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