Greystones Rocks 2018 Has Its Winners

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March 12, 2019
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February 8, 2020
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Greystones Rocks 2018 Has Its Winners

In the end, like a certain mutt’s limbs, the judges went one way and the public vote went another when it came to choosing the one shot that best represented Greystones’ grooviness in 2018.

Winning the public vote by a very, very long margin was the atmospheric Harbour Noir by Louis Duffy-Barrett.

For the judges, they couldn’t quite get enough of Marc Diamond’s effervescent Leap Of Faith, as the Greystones photographer and digital wiz caught his beloved mutt in mid-mayhem, trying to catch a flying ball on Greystones’ South Beach.

Worthy winners, and we’ll be splitting the prize between the two fine snappers. Just need to figure out what that prize might be.

Special mention has to go to Kerry Uí Neill’s Dearglach [left] and Alan Keane’s Sunset On Greystones [right], two beauties that came pretty damn close to snatching victory away from Marc and Louis.

Big, big shout-out to Theatre Lane Lofts for sponsoring this year’s competition. You can find out more about the town’s first truly luxury apartments right about here.

You can also check out the full gallery of the Greystones Rocks 2018 entries here, and the 2017 entries right about here.