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November 5, 2018
A Kick Up The Arts #33: Cian Cardiff
November 5, 2018

It has already become a Christmas fave in Greystones, and given the musical magic on display tonight, it’s not hard to see why.

Taking place in the beautiful surrounds of St Killian’s Church in Blacklion, this year’s line-up was as stellar as ever.

And the beauty of it is, everyday kids could be part of the concert, with organiser Julia Carrick having invited young singers to join the Children’s Pop-Up Choir. With only two rehearsals before the big show, the commitment wasn’t huge, but the experience was, of course, enormous. As Julia said of the young choir, “No screens, no iPads, no iPods – just the feelgood factor of singing and rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas“.

Hey, they got 99 problems, but their pitch ain’t one.

Also appearing on the night was noted pianist Jude Stamper-Walshe and the award-winning Pitch Perfect Ladies Choir, whilst the special guest for this unique concert is guitarist Darragh O’Neill.

Taking place in front of a packed St Killian’s Church, Blacklion, all proceeds went to St Vincent de Paul. Capturing it all was, of course, the great John McGowan. 


You can view John McGowan’s full gallery of hi-res shots from the night right here.

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