Greystones Community College Information Evening
December 24, 2019
Dig The Newbie Breed
January 6, 2020

Not sure exactly what went into the mince pies – or the mugs – at this year’s Annual GCS Mince Pie Morning, but, whatever it was, it made everyone there pretty darn happy.

A little too happy, if you ask us.

This is January, after all, and we’re all about to face into a whole month of Mondays.

Followed by a whole month of Tuesdays.

Which is probably why the clever clogs at Greystones Cancer Support have their happy little get-together at the start of each year, to remind us all to be thankful for all good things we have.

Such as mince pies. And tea. And hip flasks.

And the ever-busy John McGowan, of course – not sure what this town would do without that man – who swung down to capture all the tipsy smirks of the day…

You can check 0ut – and download for free – the full John McGowan hi-res gallery right about here.

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