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January 14, 2020
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January 13, 2020

Having spent a lifetime in sports therapy – helping some of our finest football and GAA players get back out on the pitch – it was only with her own knee injury that Charlie Collingwood’s work took a giant leap forward.

Initially utilising both yoga and pilates, Charlie found this simple combination worked wonders, not only on that pesky knee, but also for her entire body.

Later, with the introduction of TRX – you know, that suspension exercise thingy with hardcore hammocks – Charlie’s recovery plan just clicked.

And we don’t mean just her knee.

This triple-whammy of treatments opened up a whole new world, yoga, pilates and TRX leading to Charlie going solo with Temple Bodies.

Stepping out on her own in 2015, and into her shiny new HQ in Blacklion last October, Charlie motto is Practice Makes Permanent, believing that concentrating on the smaller muscles is the key to a strong and healthy body.

And with Temple Bodies, Charlie has moved far beyond simply helping star players to keep playing. These days, everyone is catered for, from kids (they love those trapeze classes) to prenatal and antenatal mums, with TMJ treatments for jaw pain, barefoot sports massage (for those who like to have someone walk all over them), lymphatic drainage, the Chinese favourite gua sha, dry needling and vacuum cupping.

We think the latter might actually be illegal, to be honest, but, it sounds like fun.

In short, Temple Bodies has something for whatever the heck might ail you.

Or for those who simply want to be healthier, and feel great.

We caught up with Charlie at that new Blacklion HQ to find out how that one simple knee injury sparked a whole new chapter in her work helping others…

You can find out more about Temple Bodies on their website here, on Facebook here, on Twitter here and Instagram here. You can also get in touch directly on or 0831496897.