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February 17, 2020
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February 14, 2020

Young Simon Whelan from Glenergy has been on the blower, following up on our December 2019 interview about turning this little town of ours a little more green.

With this in mind, the newly-formed Greystones & Delgany Sustainable Energy Community are now launching their Energy Master Plan, and they’re looking for suitable buildings to conduct a free energy audit on.

The hope is to build up information on energy use in Greystones, and the following estates are on their hit list: Charlesland, Redford, Rathdown Park, Delgany Wood, Applewood Heights, Kindlestown Park, Hillside, Heathervue and The Burnaby (or any house over 100 years, approximately).

The gang also want to study commercial buildings, sports clubs, churches and public sector buildings.

This is a fully-funded study of the energy use within the local community, with a view to ‘identifying where the best energy savings can be made in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and economically‘. All data will be made available and used to establish which measures and technologies will work best in the Greystones and Delgany area.

“We’ll then use this info to look into grant funding for houses and buildings here,” explains Simon, “to upgrade their energy use.”

You can find out more about what a Sustainable Energy Community is right here. And you can sign up for your free audit by emailing

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